We, the jury . . .

...well, in this case, I the jury.
Reporting for duty, ma'am.
8:00 a.m. today at the El Cajon Courthouse.

I am such a good little all-American girl. I sat rapt listening to the shpiel both the Jury Services Manager and the visiting judge. I practically shot upright to give a pledge of allegiance as I saw the flag behind them. I love hearing ..."of the people, by the people, for the people." Sometimes, I wish they would make our government officials recite that as a mantra.

Oh, and they say justice is blind? Wellllll, that may explain why the Lady Justice statue I saw today was unable to notice that her dress was had fallen below her right breast...

May I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Judge Ronald George who transformed the California Jury system to one that is oh so civilized and efficient. How it works now is that each citizen gets called to jury duty and when John or Jane Q.Public arrives, he/she fills out the forms, watches the requisite video introduction and ...waits. The waiting however is flexible in that one can read a book, step outside to use a cell phone, use their laptop in a specified room or watch one of the several T.V. monitors that happily, does not have the sound on but has closed caption. See? Civilized. And it gets better. If there are not sufficient new cases to be heard and if the computer does not randomly select your name for one of those jury panels, you get to go home! Duty done. You don't even have to call in the next day to see if you are needed. You have served your one day duty and your name does not go back into the jury summons hopper for another year!
See? Efficient.

This good citizen found herself with the afternoon free! I felt like a kid excused from school or playing hookey. (Is this what it is like for kids on snow days back East?) I now had the whole day free to do whatever I wanted! And if that wasn't sweet enough, as I was entering the courthouse today, two nice young women were offering free drink coupons at . . . STARBUCKS! Oh joy, oh rapture. Life is good.

Raced home to catch Don on his day off and convinced him to play hookey with me. It was such a gorgeous San Diego day, it was time to Drive Miss Daisy with her top down. (Oooh, that could sound risque out of context..) Then we went to see a matinee of the film, "Michael Clayton." It is a riveting suspense film, filled with wonderful performances and a terrific script.

Speaking of 'script', I believe the WGA is encouraging it's members to ratify the agreement they are being offered and will then settle the long-term strike. Yah! I want all the writers back and busy and profiting from their art. Although, I must say I used my time very creatively being away from television.

Tomorrow, February 12th is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. In his honor,do something emancipating for yourself and someone else, 'kay?

"I shall try to correct errors where shown to be errors, and I shall
adopt new views as fast as they shall appear to be true views
Abraham Lincoln
Source:Letter to Horace Greeley


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