Make it a Dixie day....

Somehow my schedule was completely open today with no outside commitments or appointments. That is rare. And it was a good thing because I am back to phase two of my 2007 tax preparation.

I can't recall if I mentioned in an earlier blog that because of all the craziness of last year, I did not do my due diligence in posting my accounting information into Quicken, thereby requiring me to do my tax homework item my item, by hand for each month. Then I also learned that even though Mom passed away, nonetheless I need to file 2007 for her. Wheeeeee.

Filing Mom's stuff is easy in the detail sense (and bless my dear tax preparer, Dave Underwood who is kindly doing the paper filing for me) it is just the aspect of having to once again, go through her files and stirring up emotional dust.

Since I notice that I am doing every little task and chore other than the tax work, I turn on the television to check in on "All My Children" as a good incentive to sit in front of the T.V. with her records and files. Just as I open the first file folder and read mom's name, Dixie Dale, the television calls out, "Today's episode is brought to you by Dixie. Make it a Dixie day!" Whoa.
Another one of those synchrodippities that I cannot ignore. But what the hell does it mean? I make a note of the time and my feelings and resume my work, hoping that it will make sense later on.

It gets more interesting.

After closing those files, I come across a receipt from a meal I had at Panera Bread Wednesday night. The receipt stated that if I called within 48 hours to offer my opinion, I would be entered into a sweepstakes. Married to the premier customer service guy; not to mention being very proactive to winning and receiving, I realize the importance of answering the survey in a timely manner and I take a break (okay, another distraction) to call Panera. As I am dialing the number, a radio commercial comes on and you guessed it . . . I hear an ad for Panera Bread!
And here is where it gets quantumly (my word) weird: I sit down to another distraction to write this blog post and . . . the same Panera Bread ad that was playing when I made the survey call hours ago, came back on the air as I was starting to write this blog.

I realize that since becoming aware of 11:11 and other phenomena, that the synchrodippities in my life have increased (or was it just my awareness that increased?). If any of my readers have further insight as to the meaning of all this, or your own synchrodippity story, please post your response.

Till then, make it a Dixie Day!


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