There is a free lunch after all..

My predilection for humanitarian opportunities of service has melted into my lexicographical heart and converged and merged into an amazing site of goodwill in cyberspace.

Many people know that I have written about and encouraged people to visit:
Not only because it is for a good cause (and paws) that I support; but because there are five other similar types of link right there at your fingertips that support other noble causes such as Literacy Site and the Hunger site,etc.

However, today, I have found the quintessential place to creatively express my altruistic penchant:

On this site, you are given a word and four options to select it's meaning. For every word that you guess correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end hunger. You can play up to 55 levels of difficulty and it will increase or decrease the level depending on how many words you get right in a row. So far, I have gone up to level 44.

Now 20 grains of rice does not seem like a lot of food; so it becomes all the more justification for playing longer. That and one's vocabulary is going to increase. Oh, and there is a cool feature of an audio pronunciation if you feel that will help you.

Ginormous kudos to the people that created and fostered this site into existence. Now I have a new understanding for those folks who are captivated with online games, because already today, I have been on the site more than once and logged over 5,000 grains of rice.

This concept is well...delicious and good for you, too!


Anonymous said…
It is even more fun, if you give the wrong answers for the first few words. Then you can start with more common words, before they present words that are not used in normal conversation.

There was an article in the paper about how there are many people starving in the Philippines, due to a rice shortage.

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