22 ???

Yes, 22 innings. More than a double-header all in one.
The game began at 7:05 p.m. PT Thursday ended at 1:21 a.m. Friday. It was the longest game in the Majors since Aug. 31, 1993, when the Twins beat the Indians, 5-4, in 23 innings at Minnesota.
And Don and I stayed up to watch it.
(Okay, I did fall asleep somewhere during the 20th inning but I roused myself back up to see Rockies pull it out).
I don't doubt there are many San Diegans looking for a nap today.
Ah well, that's the devotion baseball.

The commentators were amusing and punchy (so were we). I got to see several airings of a new version of the popular Dos Equis commercial with "the most interesting man in the world . . .that his beard is listed on his organ donors card." Wry humour well done.

Oh and speaking of 22 and baseball, my fave, Ken Griffey, Jr. is only four home runs away from hitting 600. Yesterday, he hit 596 as a three-run home run for the Reds. In a video interview with Harold Reynolds, Junior said he knows he isn't a power hitter, so in his rookie year he thought it would end up hitting 22. And I know many naysayers didn't think he could do it either with all the injuries Junior has had. I never doubted him or his record for an instant. I believed in his dad and I believe in Junior as being a fantastic ball player and a wonderful person, too.

NB: Can anyone tell me when Griffey, Jr. switched to number 3 instead of the uniform # 30 he donned when he returned to the Reds? I know that 30 was his father's number but one season a few years ago, I noted that Junior was wearing 3 and the zero was gone. If anyone knows the story as to why, please post a comment or e-mail me directly. Thanks.

Till then, stay thirsty my friends.


Anonymous said…
From Wikipedia: Ken Griffey Jr.'s Jersey Number

I have had to change his jersey number to 3, two different times. It was listed as 30 which it was in the past. But in the 2006 season he changed it over to number 3 to represent his three children. Even though the picture shows him wearing the number 30, he hasn't worn that number since the 2005 season. It even states in the wiki article, not by me, that he changed his number before the 2006 season to 3.
Rev. Duchess said…
Thank you, Anonymous!
It didn't occur to me to try something like Wikipedia for that type of question/information.

Appreciate knowing this.

Batter up!

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