Every day IS earth day

Over the years having had my blood drawn for various medical reasons, I have seen for myself that it is the color red. Yet, given my heritage and my proclivities, I would have bet that the life fluid I contain would be the color green.

Yes, green.
The color of my Irish ancestry; the color of Starbucks' awnings; the color of money; the primary color of trees; and the color of the heart chakra which embraces all that I have listed.

Nowadays, green has become the colour nouveau because it is equated with being ecologically responsible. I am that, too--add that to my list above. And happily, at least one day a year, the nation turns green (the river in Chicago on March 17th does not apply to this reference) in it's intention and attention.

Fortunately, most people know and apply some of the basics of reuse/recycle/reduce so that we are taking care of the planet in a more mindful manner. The current price of gasoline is imposing a moratorium on excessive driving that was not part of the game plan. And many of the transients assist us in recycling our cans and bottles to better use.

On Monday, the VOLT company had a recycling event where you could bring your electronics that are no longer working. Don took in an old boom-box unit and a malfunctioning microwave. For his efforts, he was rewarded with a green mug; a recycled note pad that gives instructions on how to refill the pad with used paper.
There are now so many resources on the internet for how to go green, I no longer have to list anything.

On a completely different subject, I want to mention the new FM radio station here in San Diego, The Walrus 105.7. I am really enjoying listening to really great classic oldies along the lines of KRTH radio up in Los Angeles. Yet this station has the unique angle of also broadcasting the Padres games. Bet the folks at the radio station did not count on all these extra inning baseball games. Wonder if the DJ scheduled had to just sit around and wait like the rest of us? Or his/her shift may have been long ended by 1:22 a.m. What is it with these extra inning games? Geesh.

A further broadcasting note, I want to bring attention to the Tuesday night episode of "Boston Legal." I am a passionate and longtime David E. Kelley fan yet lately, I have not been keeping up with "Boston Legal" because I really try to minimize time spent in front of the T.V. (especially with baseball season using up many of those hours) I had not been watching regularly of late. Tuesday night's episode had James Spader's character, Alan defending a case to the Supreme Court. I don't know how Mr. Kelley got away with being able to use real-life Justices as characters in a fictional situation--including having lookalike actors on the bench-- but he used the story line to full potential. And what a punch this show packed. Not since an episode of "West Wing" have I heard such incredible dialogue used in a derisive manner against a sacred cow. "West Wing" had the fictional president giving a stinging monologue to a "feckless God"; and this show, having the attorney chastise the Supreme Court for their politics and policies.

Whew. The episode was a doozy. If anyone is interested in viewing it, I would guess you can get it on ABC.com or iTunes. It is worth it if you want to live vicariously in being able to speak your piece (peace) to these august untouchables.

Oh and congratulations to the Cubs on 10,000! Go Cubbies!


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