Stimulating & Taxing all at once

Americans are celebrating or breathing a sigh of relief that tax day is come and gone. Yes, some folks have filed for an extension on submitting their tax papers, yet the negative race consciousness swirls around this date of April 15th.

This year, we have a unique opportunity from our current government administration referred to a stimulus payment. Ranging from $300 for low-income individuals to $600 per person ($1200 for married couples) the government is 'giving' us that money in an attempt to stimulate spending and invigorate the economy. Interesting.

From the conversations I hear and the pulse that I take, people are in a bit of a fear mode about the economy and finances. One hears the word "recession" being bandied about in the news and water cooler chats. (With the popularity of bottled water, do companies still have water coolers? Do people still circle the wagons to dish the dirt around the area where the water cooler once occupied?) Most of the people I have talked to are eager to spend that stimulus money on living expenses of one sort or another.

Thanks to a lovely woman I met at the Bonita Church, here's another suggestion she sent out as an e-mail as to how a spiritual and/or conscious person could use their stimulus payment:

Per Common Ground Magazine (March 2008):

Socially Responsible Investments (SRI’s) was first formally practiced by religious investors who, nearly 100 years ago, avoided companies involved in tobacco, alcohol, and gambling. More recently, however, SRI has evolved beyond such simple avoidance screening to include social research, community investing...

SRI’s are a way to invest financially in corporations that are on the up and up (engaging companies on global warming, Darfur, sweatshop labor, and product safety.), ethically speaking. The following firms offer socially responsible mutual funds with companies that embrace fair labor practices, environmental preservation, and human rights:

Domini Social Investments ( )
Pax World Mutual Funds ( )
Calvert ( )

These companies have super strict eco-criteria for their mutual funds
Green Century Funds ( )
Portfolio ( )
Sierra Club Stock Fund ( )

(View or order a copy of the Funds' current prospectus for more complete information on these and other topics. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.)

Why not use your $600 or $1,200 economic stimulus tax and make an investment in our nation’s future?

What a great idea! Thank you Karen Howard for circulating this suggestion.

Here's what I might proffer: Tithe 10% to your source of spiritual nourishment; 10% to yourself; then decide a certain amount to invest and a certain amount to spend. Go ahead and put some of the money back into circulation as it was intended and help business and commerce.

Personally, life can be taxing enough so I am voting in favor of stimulating and being stimulated by the divine Law of Circulation and Abundance.


Ron Robins said…
I'm glad to see this post mentions socially responsible investing. I've been following the subject for around forty years, primarily from a spiritual perspective, and a have website that covers the latest related global news and research. It's at

Best wishes, Ron Robins
Rev. Duchess said…
Hi Ron,
Thanks for your comment.

Not sure how you found out about my blog but was glad to hear from you.
I hope more people give these ideas some attention; and perhaps, even give your website a looksee.

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