David will win Idol - guaranteed!

I voted for him.
(Couldn't resist.)

Yes, now you know that I have been hooked on American Idol even since Kat McPhee was competiting and I actually watched, and even vigorously voted. From the outset of this season, I agreed with my friend, John Kurko and the judges, that it would come down to Duelling Davids. And we were not disappointed.

An avid fan of Dancing With The Stars since season one, I have been very impressed and very devoted. Where else do you get Marie Osmond faint on live TV and watch Marlee Matlin dance like the music didn't matter. And although not my favorite, Priscilla Presley accomplished the splits that belied her age. Mario came along way from his cockiness. I was very proud of Marissa taking it as far as she did and winning over not only the judges but her partner, Tony who had been appreciably impatient and judgmental of her in their opening dances. Her increased level of confidence was demonstrable.

On both shows, you could see who knew they were not the winners. David Cook, to me, knew that he was going to come in second and it was going to be more than okay by him because he was fully present and fully appreciating all that this progression had offered him. I agreed with what Simon said about Cook's choice of songs for the night. I think David knew and was cool with the outcome to be and chose what he wanted to experience singing. Even Simon's wink to David confirmed in my head, that Cook was a fine singer and would have a great career post-Idol. Christiane and Cheryl had pretty much let it go last night. Tonight, having gotten their first 30, Jason and Edyta were so satisfied with their performance, that they were still beaming into the final selection of Kristi as the winner.

More than ever, this season had the most authentic contestants on both shows. For me, the last set of finalists were very real and really cared about their work (performances) and fellow competitors. Working through the various injuries, the dancers carried on. Tonight, when both Idol Davids got emotional and teary, I knew it was coming from their heart and soul.

There are so many memorable moments. Adam Carolla beat out George Hamilton for the all-time most humourous performance. The seemingly real on-screen infatuation and romance between Shannon and Derek. And my hat is always off the dancing pros who manage to choreograph some of the most amazing routines that not only demonstrate their amazing talent but have always found a way to showcase the skills and strengths of their respective celebrity partners.

What I also want to note if the extraordinary chutzpah both these shows now require. First of all, both are taped live the way it was with television in it's formative years. The dancing celebrities are not trained or prepared for this type of performance in front of their peers who often chide and deride them (as with the football guys) for the choice to dance on television. And unlike the vintage broadcasts in television, American Idol was taped before a live crowd of 7,000 people. 7,000! It would be nervous-making to perform live for that size of an audience even if one wasn't competing for such a major title and being viewed by millions of others! I have enormous respect for the preparation, the training and the enormous courage it takes to give what we viewed last night; and to do so with such joyous abandon. Bravo.

Later this week, "Grey's Anatomy" is coming to a season close. Cripes! Guess I have to get off the couch and get creative and entertain myself. Do you think that someday I could qualify for "Dancing With The Wanna-Be's"?

Adam said it best, God Bless Dancing With The Stars and God Bless the U.S.A.--and I add --
God Bless us everyone!


Susannah said…
Thanks for the recap of AI. I am normally a devoted fan of the show but have been boycotting this season since my favorite, Michael Johns, got booted. What a hunk!...er, of talent, I mean. Sigh. Will be anxiously awaiting his debut album. ;-)

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