IS blogging dangerous?

This weekend, I happened to catch an early Sunday morning news show and the segment was inspired by an article in the N.Y. Times by writer, Matt Richtel: Is Blogging Dangerous?

It appears that there have recent deaths attributed to die-hard (no pun intended) or professionally paid bloggers due to their excessive stress levels.


Carpal tunnel wasn't enough of a risk but now we bloggers are having the media warn us of the occupational hazards of our avocation or pleasure.

It is true that the super information highway has become quite the Autobahn of technology but to equate it as a health hazard or risk feels to me, a bit exaggerated. It feels as if the media is looking to find an aspect of sensationalism in this story in order to sell more newspapers which in turn, will send more people online and generate an interest in blogging. And so on.

And what about the health risk of those people who are addicted to reading blogs?

What do my readers think about this one? Are we all in peril for our habit?


Rev. Duchess said…
I am hand-posting the following reply as for some odd reason, it would not register.
This is from regular reader, TK and it was so amusing, I asked if I could post it for him:

Looks like it was a slow day in the
news room. Typical media BS.

There's probably a 12-step program:
"BA" Blogaholics Anonymous.
Step 1: We admitted we were powerless
over blogging, that our thinking had become unmanageable.

Warning: The Surgeon General has determined
blogging to be hazardous to your health and may cause sever brain damage.

Warning: Blogging may cause fuzzy logic.

Warning: Blogging may cause stumble
finger syndrome.

Couldn't resist. Guess it's my inner blogger coming out to play."

T and a K

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