Proud to be a Californian

A long day that started early.
Happily, I started it with my walk in the 'hood. Got to meet some new dogs and that is always a treat. Walked to the mountaintop to do my prayer work this morning and I was taken aback by the fact that the property which is an open space, is now being excavated, steam rolled and has yellow caution tape around the rim so that no one slides down the mountain.

Damn. I know that it means someone has purchased the vacant land and is going about building a house which would normally be progress but it also means that the open view of Qualcomm and Ikea my fellow residents and I have, will soon be gone. I adjusted to the house that was built next door because it still left a huge open viewing area where I could stand and pray. Yet, soon the land will be filled with construction equipment and a structure. There are also other changes, transitions going on in the hood. Deaths. Births. People moving. Damn.

Also in the hood, I picked up my neighbor, Rev. Kevin and we carpooled to San Juan Capistrano for a joint meeting of the minister's from both the Religious Science International and United Centers for Spiritual Living organizations.

The meeting was a very creative, productive and inspiring because the rank and file are indeed making it happen that the two factions (of the same teaching and faith) are now in the process of integrating back into the Oneness of which they teach. Major strides are already in place along with a two-year plan to take care of remaining details. Learning is like healing, it happens over time.

Having been trained in both RSI and UCRS (now, UCSL) it was especially heartening to see the healing and spiritual growth on both sides. The idea or experience that there are even 'sides' is already changed. Less and less of the "us and them" syndrome. Yes!
Kevin and I laughed that the first joint summer conference will be in 2009 in... San Diego!

And the news only got better while we were there.

Word that the California Supreme Court struck down state law's same-sex marriage ban today, finding the state's constitution "properly must be interpreted to guarantee this basic civil right to all Californians, whether gay or heterosexual, and to same-sex couples as well as to opposite-sex couples." Awesome!

Now when I perform same-sex marriages, it will be legal in the eyes of the law. I hope to be privileged to perform a gazillion ceremonies now. Kevin and I talked about even doing the weddings for free, too.

Today is historic. The change we wish to see in the world is visible... and it is lookin' good.


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