Bee Beetle Beatle, Baby!

Here it is the first of June, on a perfectly glorious day in San Diego (ignoring the fact of the ignominious Padres loss today).

It has been a golden weekend.

The Spelling Bee so inspired me.

Ironically, because of a spelling incident, our dear friend Sunshine, treated us to brunch at the Antique Row Cafe. I finally indulged in my desire of having only their home fries as my meal. I usually order an omlette and it comes with their special potatoes which to me, is the dessert of the meal. So instead of wasting calories or tummy space, I had just the potatoes and was a very happy, Irish camper.

Then Don and I went on a Sunday jaunt riding around in Daisy, our yellow convertible VW Beetle--with the top down today-- listening to my new favorite radio station, The Walrus, playing their Sunday morning program, Breakfast with The Beatles. Whoa. It was almost (please note, I wrote almost...) too good to be true as we pulled into Starbucks.
(nb: Despite childhood patterns to the contrary, that which is good, is of course, true.).

I mean, I was day trippin'. The fact that 41 years ago the seminal, "Sgt. Pepper" album debuted and that now, I could be riding around in my dream yellow Beetle Bug, listening to the Beatles is awesome. Add to that, I am married to this wonderful handsome guy (who happens to love me) and is also a premier Beatles fan. We have the music cranked up to a perfect Spinal Tap 11 and we are singing along and savoring every nuance was heady stuff I tell ya.

Then we stopped by to visit our friend and catch the opening of the Padres baseball game and to see her oh so wonderful golden retriever, Pearl. After the first two innings and a lengthy canine love-fest, I took Pearl for a walk and a talk.
I knew that this was as good as it gets.

Sure, there are things I long to do and want to accomplish or achieve. Yes, I am eager for a new administration and peace returning to all lands. ("There's places to go, people to see---I've got a lotta livin' to do.") Junior still has to hit one more home run to gild the record books. And my aunt is getting older and harder to deal with; and gas prices are abominable.
Yet let me tell you right now folks, LIFE IS GOOD.

In sweet appreciation and humble gratitude, I let it be.


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