Obama would not be the first black president after all...

Probably one of the reasons I don't watch television news is because I get stymied and frustrated by the fact that the news is slanted by the networks and doesn't always reflect all the facts. This is one of the reasons that I rely on the periodical, The Week to not only provide news updates but to accurately represent more than just one or two sides to each issue.

A long time in coming Senate Intelligence Committee report was released late last week, that stated that President Bush, Vice-President Cheney and most of the other high level administration officials had indeed misrepresented information to we, the people of the United States and took us into the Iraq war.

From the June 7th, Daily Star: "In making the case for war, the administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted or even nonexistent," the committee chairman, Senator Jay Rockefeller, said on releasing the 172-page report. "As a result, the American people were led to believe the threat from Iraq was much greater than actually existed."

Over the years, many people have claimed that and attempted to document this information but they were usually dismissed (both literally and figuratively) or considered radical pacifists who were out of touch with the terrorist reality facing America. Perhaps. But nonetheless, we went into and are still involved in a war based on falsehood and deception from our elected leaders. And now the self-same government has issued a lengthy document confirming that and it is not being promoted or publicized. With a brief network exception from NBC's Brian Williams, who at least reported that the report was finally released.

Of course, I understand that it would be incendiary at this time to really drive this information home; not to mention, it could significantly affect the upcoming election for the Republican party.

Speaking of the upcoming election, imagine my surprise when I learned from John McLaughlin on The McLaughlin Report, that Warren G. Harding was of Negro descent. And from my other, more entertaining source of news --Stephen Colbert reports: “John McLaughlin just revealed the bombshell that Warren G. Harding was a Negro…Who knows - with revelations like this John McCain could turn out to be our first straight, white male president.”

Suffice to say, the transformational change that is taking place on this planet is going to call for all of us to stay awake and aware. Those of us with spiritual inclinations are being called on to do be diligent in doing our spiritual practice--which includes being mindful to not fall into the countless opportunities for political polemics that will be offered to us along the road to the election. We really have to take individual responsibility to check out commentaries, news stories or even water-cooler rhetoric before we propagandize anyone or anything no matter how initially noble or right it might sound. All of what is going on and what is coming to the surface, calls us to be more aware and responsible.

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Stay informed on matters that mean the most to you.


Lia Amidechat said…
Very interesting! While checking on the ancestry of Mr. Harding (http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/warren_gamaliel_harding.htm, I found out that besides Harding there may even have been six Black presidents, including Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Coolidge and Eisenhower.

I wonder how many "white" people are really "black". My Grandmother from Louisiana described her hometown Houma as the town with the "whitest black people and the blackest white people." She said that it wasn't unusual for birth records held in churches to suddenly suffer spontaneous combustion.

This is all further proof how silly race is and that we're really all just one big human family united in Spirit.

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