The Exciting Game Without Any Rules... is the card game that the ball players play in the movie "Bang The Drum Slowly"--which is one of the movie videos we rented tonight. Don and I chose five movies for the weekend. I was amused by the text description on the back of the video jacket, " a young Robert De Niro( "The Good Shepherd" and "Meet The Parents")... Meet the Parents???? Whatever happened to "Taxi Driver"? "Raging Bull?" and for crying out loud, "The Godfather?" This amazing actor and we have "Meet the Parents?" This 1973 movie was supposed to be one of the baseball classics. I had not seen it since it was first released and Don had never seen it. Whether it was because it is baseball season or because I was in disbelief at how de Niro was being listed, we decided to rent it. And well, it had been long enough that I somehow got this movie mixed up with "Brian's Song". Ooops. It was interesting to watch a very young, very thin DeNiro play a country bumpkin baseball catcher who is dying from Hodgkin' s disease. The film is a bit mawkish but has it's merits.

One of the other videos we rented was the Showtime movie, "Stealing Sinatra." Again drawn by the title and the fact that both of us will watch anything that William Macy is in. What a quirky little comedy based on the real life story that happened in 1963 when three hapless men kidnap Frank Sinatra, Jr. Not sure how much of the story was fictionalized but it is a unique study in human behavior and quite an interesting cast of characters. I remember the event in the news but I was actually too young to understand the details. The video is well worth viewing especially for baby boomers.

"Can criminals be senators? Yeah, but they have to be a senator first."
...only in America.

Don't be a Foobar and miss it.


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