Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Rectified my Americana fix that I missed on the Fourth O' July, when I found my VHS version of The Music Man. Ah, the familiar lyrics and dialogue coursing through my red, white and blue cells; and stopped my packing long enough to watch the key scenes and dance numbers. Ahhhhhh, God Bless America.

In case you weren't feeling particularly patriotic on July 4th, you could consider feeling liberated or revolutionary today in recognition of the storming of the Bastille in France, 1789.

What's not revolutionary in my book is the new summer series, "Greatest American Dog." Of course, I scheduled my television viewing to accommodate this new show in eager anticipation. I was sorely disappointed by the tenor and the construct of the show. The dogs themselves were wonderful. Why did the production executive decide to make this show a cross between "Survivor" and "The Bachelor"? Do we need to see the owners angst and pet peeves? (Pun intended). Arbitrarily sending one of the owner's to a literal dog house because another team lost round one was just plain mean-spirited. I put this show in the proverbial dog house for looking to highlight human frailties and ego inclinations - all on the dog's dime.

What was once evolutionary was the idea of a female sports reporter. It has taken years for women to get credibility for such a position. Yet, Erin Andrews as the female newscaster reporting live from the Home Run Derby... aw come on--couldn't we do better? Well, of course, I am happy that a female has a key position in on air sports reporting, however I would have preferred someone with a little more depth, skill and wardrobe.

Speaking of sports and home runs... could someone please inform me as to what happened to Ken Griffey, Jr. who was voted onto the All-Star Game and now is nowhere on the roster or reserve list?? How is it possible that this amazing and beloved player came in fourth on the first draft voting and not even chosen for the reserves? Argh. Watching the fellowship and fraternity that was taking place in support of this man's amazing hitting ability...well, it was a good thing to see and then to learn about Mr. Hamilton's successful comeback story is to sustain my faith in all things baseball.

Congratulations to you Josh and also, to Justin Mornaeu who actually won the derby in the house that Babe built.

Viva la baseball!


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