Movers and shakers

Let's see if I can make sense out of the seeming non-sequitirs that are filling my life these days...

Even though are 600 Starbucks being closed (I am taking that very well, by the way, because I know none of my favorites would be affected because it isn't in my consciousness for that; and, frankly, there are too many Starbucks' locations. Let's not be greedy.) I was pleased to read on their cold cups that they are using a plastic that contains more recycled materials than before. Greener is always greater. Now, if we can just convince them to go back to the green logo and design instead of the boring brown they brought in for the Pike's Place new brew campaign . . .

Speaking of caffeine---which is oft my case---I was intrigued and bemused to know that if I were so inclined, I could order caffeine infused, cellulite deterrent pantyhose! Imagine my surprise that I could not only offset the unpleasantness of burgeoning celluite on my body, but while doing so, I could get a caffeine boost on my torso. (Don't go there...) For those of you who are instantly contemplating creative ways to dunk oneself in a tub of hot water, you can order these ingenious leggings from Newport News.

And perhaps, if we all could wear this stimulating hosiery, it might modify one of the quirky traits I have noticed in myself and other human beings. Did ya ever notice that pedestrians who cross the street not at an intersection signal, will begin to cross the street by running when they see your car is approaching and then resume normal walking pace about midway through the street? This inevitably means you have to stop for them (which is fine, right and legal) however, as a driver, it would be oh so much nicer that if the walker is going to tease me that he/she will be across the street fast enough so I don't have to stop, that he or she would not return to the turtle gait that does not get them across the street in time. And having been a pedestrian who has done this very same thing, I noticed the other day that I saw a car coming, I was at a corner without benefit of the traffic signal and I began to jog across the street as if to indicate to oncoming traffic that I was making my move; and then once I was spotted, I slowed down. What's with that? I know better and yet, I, too was a lemming pedestrian once again.

I sound like I am channeling Andy Rooney today....
D'ya think it's the inherent Blarney in us that makes us wax so philosophically and with continuous run-on sentences?

Even though the cardboard boxes are looming large and the calendar is ticking away into August (all hail, Leos!) the other night, Don and I took time out to watch "The Wizard of Oz" for the umpteenth time. We were channel surfing for something to have on in the background while we 'worked' and we couldn't resist. Every time I watch this movie, I see or learn something new either about the film itself or more than likely, the metaphysical message(s) that are so richly woven into this classic. No wonder generations upon generations are drawn to this film and have the capacity to see it again and again--no matter what their ages.
This film is celluoid comfort food.

This viewing, I was again drawn to Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion. Maybe because we are now into the august astrological sign of Leo and the fact that Mr. Lahr himself, was a Leo, too. I just saw myself as sharing many traits (quirks?) with his character. Particularly in light of my stepping into the uncertainty and bigness of my upcoming new work, job, church, community and home -- I found some of his behavior all to familiar. Especially as he was about to stand before the Great Oz, or enter the castle to rescue Dorothy. He knew what his charge was to do, yet, a part of him was reluctant to take on such a big endeavour. And of course, he always thought he lacked courage but that wasn't the case at all.

By the way, Toto is quite the hero in this film and he rarely gets any credit. He was the one who barked and led the way for the trio to find Dorothy in the castle, and he was the one who pulled away the curtain to reveal the wizard of Oz for his true self. Did ya know thatToto was portrayed by the thespian dog, Toto.
And a little dog shall lead . . . and Toto, too.

M.G.M. has had a hugely profound and influence on this latch-key kid's life and I will always be grateful to the men and women who made these timeless musicals (and had the good sense to star Gene Kelly in most of them!)

Whoa--we just had an earthquake here in San Diego at approximately 11:42 a.m. I think it was Jezebelle's first--certainly not mine. Been there, done that far too often. It doesn't surprise me considering the interesting weather and the human emotional aberrations of late. Maybe it is a good time to be moving up north.
After all, there is no place like home.


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