DongGong Good

No, that is not a typo or misspelling.

I have just returned from a Gong Bath at the Blue Lotus Studio in Chico. Facilitated by Sound Pioneer and recording artist Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje). Sonam creates transformational healing waves of sound bathing each participant with the rising and falling rhythms, tonalities and vibrations of a huge Earth Gong tuned to the sound of the primordial AUM - the 'Universal Chord'; the vibrational signature of our mother Earth (Ghia) as it dances with our Sun (Sol).


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love and literally vibrate to use of chimes, gongs and bells in my spiritual work. I crave the sound--I probably spent many a past life in some cave in the Himalyas making gongs or bowls to create the resonant, primordial sound of life. Fortunately for me, our new landlady mentioned it to me when I shared my passion with her and I signed up for tonight before arriving in Chico (thank you, Lynn).

Yet, this event, would not be for most people or for the faint-eared.

Sonam explained to us the process so that as were listening we could be prepared for what some describe as "insanely loud" sound would emerge. It was at one point loud beyond anything I had ever heard and yet, my body soared to match the tone and followed what felt like an internal helix carry me to a sacred space of Aum. When the sound began to diminish I felt myself begin to miss it and long for its return. (And I am a person who cannot stand loud noises, music, etc.) The rhythmic dance that my cells were doing felt ancient and familiar and I did not want it to end.

Today, also being the first day on the job, I was already abuzz with that new energy and would have initially wanted to just come home and unwind and reflect. I now see that Spirit was working on my behalf in having the Gong Bath tonight because it forced me out of the office, away from the move, the lists to have this aural adventure. It was perfect for the end of Day One and the launching of my spiritual work here.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm. Which by the way, registers at 131.6 hz and is the tone to which this amazing, giant gong was tuned.

Talk about your Good Vibrations.


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