Halloween Greetings Chico Style

On this lovely rainy day in Chico, the town is a buzz with Halloween. As I took my evening walk, dusk was coming quickly and the ghosts and ghoulies were multiplying. Twice as many houses in the neighborhood had their porch lights awaiting the costumed guests.

As I walked through the neighborhood, I felt as if I was in a Rob Reiner movie. Either that, or I had been transported back to a time when trick or treating was not only a really cool thing to do, it was safe and welcomed. These kids (for the most part) were in really fun and creative costumes. Not just a store-bought version of the latest movie genre but well thought out and crafted costumes. And so many of the houses had gone to great lengths to decorate their yards in anticipation of this annual tradition. The trees were all autumn-y and the air crisp and cool and damp from the afternoon rain and the sound of little goblins hustling and rustling from door to door made for background music I have not heard as an adult.

Suddenly, the houses that I had only seen with the opposing election lawn signs that boggled my mind, now delighted me in an ancient ritual that we all could share. Not only did I feel a part of a community, that ol' oneness thing kicked in and I felt compassion for those neighbors for whom my opinionated perspective had distanced. (Not that I still don't want to respond to the neighbors who sent out a blanket mailing to nearby residents attempting to sway us on Prop. 8).

It got me to thinking about how Studs Terkel who died today had made it known to his family and friends that he hoped he could hold out to see Obama elected President next week. It got me to thinking about a dear friend of ours from San Diego --who was strongly opinionated and not shy about making her interests known-- passed away this week, too, and if she had been well enough to send in her absentee ballot from hospice. When I first arrived at PCRS in San Diego, she made herself immediately known to me. Among the many activities and organizations that she supported, she was an active member of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Gays and Lesbians) and wanted to be sure I knew about this wonderful organization. There is no doubt in my mind that Abby would have sent money, made phone calls or attended rallies for No on Prop 8 if her health had allowed it.

This is not meant to be a political blog tonight. Just some personal reflections from the glow of my inner jack o' lantern.



Ellie Dworak said…
I hadn't heard that Abby passed away. I hope she had an easy time of it. What a firecracker!
Anonymous said…
I've always liked and respected rogue Abby. A true original, speaking her truth, telling it all to us all.

I'm fondly remembering our experience at the Prac I class on sexualities to which you invited Abby and Danielle and me. Abby and I had a ritual we developed: She shared with me the way that she remembered people's names, by associating the name with a central characteristic of each person. For example, I was "Melodious Mel." When I asked how I could remember her same, she suggested "Able Abby." We shortened it: She greeted me with "hi Melodious," and I responded with "hi Able. It was sweet.

from Mel Karmen (published with his permission)
Did you see your google ad on your blog today???? It says "Yes on 8/ ProtectMarriage.com"

And here you've been doing pretzel twists to hold your political tongue...

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