It rains in Chico!

Oh joy, oh rapture!
We had a wonderful rainstorm head into town yesterday. It was beautiful. The fragrance alone was enough to turn my day around. Not to mention that it has helped my upper respiratory condition of late.

Last night, we watched a DVD of last year's big hit, "Juno." What a swell movie. Kind of amusing to hear the 16 year old protagonist make up words and phrases in a similar vein as I do. The performances were fabulous and I now understand why Ellen Page was nominated for an Academy Award. Wizard.

Today, The Big Leibowski came over to visit Belle at the door. He is such a sweetheart. He was on his rounds of the neighborhood while it had stopped raining and we called to him from the window. He waddled over and they courted throuh the screen while Don and I oogled and ogled and tried to get a few photos. Later on, we had a nice visit with the other black and white neighborhood cat that we have dubbed Mrs. Leibowski because they are often outside the same house at the same time.

Yes, I wanted the Cubbies to win the NLDS because it's been over 100 years for them and because I would have loved to see the Cubs play the Sox in the Series. Yet, now the idea that I could hear Vin Scully call the game if the Dodgers get in the championship...oh, that would be sweet. The Voice of Baseball has been calling Dodgers games for 59 years!

That would be damn skippy in my book.


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