Thursday morning, my eyes popped open to see the clock show 5:55.
Other than five being my favorite number, I wonder the cosmosity of that configuration.

That night, I dreamt of kittens!
I often have dogs or puppies in my dreams (especially when one is nearing to becoming part of my family) but I have never dreamed of kittens. There were six or seven ( I think one of them was scampering as such to get counted twice) of a very diverse litter. One darling tabby, one orange and white, one Maine Coon, a gray and white and a couple of combos. They were playing and frolicking and having a great time. As my hand reached down along the side of the couch, one kitty clamped onto my fingertips and held on like a butterfly hair clip and wouldn't shake off. Sharp little teeth, too.

It made me happy to awaken to that feeling of playful, young life.

And then today, we needed to take Jezebelle into the cat hospital. A few weeks ago, we took her to a local vet for a check-up and a blood panel. She had been throwing up more frequently and lost weight. It turned out she had indeed lost about five pounds and developed hypothyroidism. We got a prescription for her and changed her diet to all wet food to encourage her appetite. She began to do a lot better but in the last 36 hours, her health taken a turn we didn't like. Needless to say, we were very concerned.

With Belle having a 104 degrees temperature, Dr. Prather felt her current symptoms might not be about the hypothyroidism but something viral. So they administered subcutaneous fluids and gave her an injection for her nausea and one with antibiotics.

While Belle was receiving treatment and we were in the exam room, one of the vet techs walked by holding two tiny kittens. Yesterday, someone dropped off five kittens in the street in the front of the hospital and the staff managed to corral them and bring them in for care. I had never seen such tiny things and I felt as if they were two of the same kittens I had seen in my dream the night before!

Itty bitty tabby kitties and they let me hold them on my chest. They were scruffy and dirty from their feeding but I didn't mind. One was squigglier than the other and began to chew on me -I didn't know kittens nibbled and chewed like puppies. The other was a lovebug who just kept nussling me as I did her. I knew she must be a girl and I bet the other was a little boy. I had guessed correctly by their distinct behaviors. Oh, that little girl kitten had a pug nose and the bluest eyes and I so wanted to take her home so that Belle could teach her and play with her; but as smitten as I was with that kitten, I knew that my first priority was Jezebelle coming home for extra special care of her own.

The fluids and injections showed almost an immediate improvement in Belle's demeanor. Enough so that we went ahead with our evening plans to see the Chico High School's production of "Little Women" that starred two of the teens from church, Abby Buta as "Meg" and David Kamrar as "Laurie".

It was a wonderful production! Most of us are familiar with the story and the book on which this show is based. It did surprise me that in this production, the authors and lyricists chose to exclude the father--other than in references to his being in the war. Since we know "Little Women" was autobiographical, it seemed odd to me that an onstage character to represent Amos Bronson Alcott was excised. Pere Alcott was an educator and a philosopher. He supported women's suffrage and was an abolitionist. In fact, he opened a school where he included the arts as an essential component of study and was later shut down because he was the first person to allow a black child admittance. It would seem to me that he was a very clear and important influence on Louisa.

The level of talent and professionalism was very impressive Being already familiar with the Broadway score (in fact, one of the songs, Astonishing I had already chosen to be sung for my Installation in February) I couldn't believe the vocal talent in the show--in particular, the young girl Audrey Curd who played Jo March. You may mark my words that this young woman, Audrey indeed has all the right stuff for a musical theatre career. I fully expect to hear of her being on Broadway if that is the path she chooses. Don and I had a wonderful time and I was so proud of David and Abby.

On the way home, we stopped at Safeway to pick up a few items. I noticed a sale on Starbucks Espresso Roast normally $11.49 on sale for $7.99 but the tag said the sale was through November 13th. Hmmm. So at the checkout counter, I asked Heather if the sale price was still valid. She scanned it and said yes, it was $7.99. Oh goody. And then she said, "Well, tomorrow it will be on sale for $5.99." Realllllly? The box-boy looked at a chart on the checkout wall and said, "Yes, all Starbucks will be $5.99 for the weekend." Woohoo sez I. What a great example of customer service and thoughtfulness.

All in all, another astonishing day in Chico.


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