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Finding marbles

Good thing the Chinese New Year starts Feb. 8th as we wouldn't want any of the candidates being pigeon-holed in the Year of the Rat.

Now for other non-sequiturs...

For most people, right about now they are back in the swing of things. For me, I think I am just now approaching being at the start of the swing of things. I am pretty facile and flexible; resilient and quick on my feet. In the last four months, I have managed rather well to manage, sometimes prevail; other times, excel and a few times melt down. I was sharing with someone at class last night, that by most insurance actuarial tables, I have had all the top level life stressors in the past four months since Mom died. Do-si do and reeling with emotions, activities; and transitions and transformations. All things considered, I am mighty glad to be awake, alive, alert and just as I am.

And . . . I am eager to know which direction I am headed.

Toward that goal, I finally got my new cell phone. Don and I were eligible for …