11 January, 2008

Finding marbles

Good thing the Chinese New Year starts Feb. 8th as we wouldn't want any of the candidates being pigeon-holed in the Year of the Rat.

Now for other non-sequiturs...

For most people, right about now they are back in the swing of things. For me, I think I am just now approaching being at the start of the swing of things. I am pretty facile and flexible; resilient and quick on my feet. In the last four months, I have managed rather well to manage, sometimes prevail; other times, excel and a few times melt down. I was sharing with someone at class last night, that by most insurance actuarial tables, I have had all the top level life stressors in the past four months since Mom died. Do-si do and reeling with emotions, activities; and transitions and transformations. All things considered, I am mighty glad to be awake, alive, alert and just as I am.

And . . . I am eager to know which direction I am headed.

Toward that goal, I finally got my new cell phone. Don and I were eligible for upgrades and I bought Don a snazzy, sexy, shimmery Gleam phone. Being that it was holiday time, I went ahead and splurged on a high-end model for me when in actuality, all I wanted was a reliable phone that I could operate easily. Thanks to the generous satisfaction guaranteed return policy with Verizon, I was able to try two other phone models. It is really cool that the technology allows you to check your e-mail, listen to music or watch TV from your little cell but those are activities I prefer to not do on my phone. There are very few cell phone models offered that have a larger font for folks who need reading glasses; and I wanted to stay with Verizon. I finally settled on the Coupe model. This little cutie has no camera-- nor bells and whistles but it offers a larger font, a speaker-phone, voice activated and speed dialing and is light and easy to carry. Praise the Law! It's true, my phone does not look as cool as so many others but I really like my basic model and for right now, don't want or need the high falutin' options. Whew. Heck, I am still trying to learn my new car!

Did I mention you need to prepare yourself if you are planning to see the film "Sweeney Todd" before the Golden Globes on Sunday. This film is not for the squeamish and perhaps will be more tolerable on the small screen. Kudos to the creative team and the cast. Sondheim is still one of my heroes.

Since the hustle of my bustle has had a chance to slow down a tad this week, I had the opportunity to reflect on a distant memory of my childhood. I was raised that when a person went to the bathroom, that one was to always run water while using the toilet, and of course, always return the seat lid. I remember being scolded when I would forget the running water. I pondered that for the OCD ecolological me, that practice would be an anathema. I rue all the water I wasted as a child. It was interesting that in talking with a friend who has an autistic child, he requires that he hears it when someone goes into the john to pee. Go figure.

Today, Don and I sold my mother's car. A very practical thing to do now that we have two other vehicles. Yesterday, I picked up "Ally McTeal" from the mechanics after having a diagnostic run and adding coolant before the sale. As I got into the car to drive home, a wave of sadness swept over me. This was the last tangible thing I have of my mom's. A very practical car in great working condition but I didn't really like driving or being in it because it has those automatic seat belts that always attack when you close the car door; and because I was still sensitive to the smell of cigarettes that were so pervasive. And yet, for a year, that car was outside my house and within view every time I opened the blinds. Somehow, Mom was still nearby --in that warped sort of intangible way. But now, I have to deal with yet another layer of grief surfacing and yep, letting go.

Has anyone seen my bearings? I seemed to have misplaced them again .
Oh, look, that's where I put my marbles . . .

STRYKER, the police dog that died in the line of duty on New Year's eve while in pursuit of a suspect.

The memorial will take place Monday, Jan. 14 at 11:30 a.m. at Camp Pendleton. The U.S. Marine Corps will allow the police department to use the 11 Area parade grounds located on Vandegrift Boulevard between 13th and 14th streets.

Oceanside police have established a fund they said will be used to support the K9 program, in Stryker's honor. Anyone wishing to contribute can simply send a check made payable to the City of Oceanside with “K9 Fund” referenced in the memo section. The donations can also be brought to the police department.
The mailing address is:
Oceanside Police Department
Attention: Lt. Fred Armijo
3855 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92054

If you are unable to join me there, please send a prayer to the family that cared for Stryker, his human handler, Kendrick Sandler; and yes, even for the man who killed Stryker. Prayers of peace are called for one and all. Thank you.

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