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Stryking a chord...

Yesterday, Don and I attended the public memorial at Camp Pendleton for the police dog, Stryker, who died in the line of duty on New Year's Eve.

On this beautiful sunny San Diego day, hundreds of us gathered to mourn. It was an awesome sight. The service was conducted much like many of the human memorials I have attended or officiated. With the noted exception that most of the attendees were uniformed police officers and handlers along with their canine (K-9) partners. Several civilians were there as well as many Marines. Parked on the field was the K-9 patrol car with Stryker's photo. Several dignitaries spoke in regards to the officer and his partner; and spoke to the training and handling of Stryker becoming a working police dog.

Parking was at a premium because of the crowds. It was interesting to note the license plates and stickers of the parked cars that indicated a support of animals--particularly canines. Cars from the local animal shelters, rescue groups and eve…

Seven year itch?

This is a weekend of note.

Since I am writing this post on Sunday, I will begin by congratulating the San Diego Chargers on their win over the Colts.

Yesterday, I attended the Abraham-Hicks Workshop, "Science of Deliberate Creation" at the Marriott Hotel. I have certainly read much of the Abraham material and listened to a few audio excerpts, but this was my first time seeing Abraham in person. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was quite pleased at the professional and yet personal presentation.

As an attendee, you get a two page form to fill-out in advance that you are asked to sign and agree to. Certain procedural rules that Abraham-Hicks have determined makes for a smoother and effective experience for everyone. I now concur. Having been at loads of seminars, conference and other self-help or religious conferences, I was struck by the civility, respect and ease of the entire operation. My feeling is that because the workshop set an advance intention to which we al…