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Out of sorts.

Does anyone know where I can get some?
Sorts, that is.
I seem to have run out . . .

The past two weeks have had a seesaw quality. I have had some great days filled with clarity and enthusiasm and energy. And it has also been filled with sadness, grief, bad dreams and frustration.

Of course, I am doing my work with correcting negative thought trends, prayers, exercise, etc. I certainly know the drill. And as with all things in an ebb and flow, it comes and goes. I am so clear about the transitional phase in which we are all immersed, I find comfort that my mercurial moods are a part of the bigger picture trying to right itself on the cosmic wall of Life.

Grief and gratitude.

Those two qualities are the ones that all this shtuff seems to fall into. The more I learn about grief and walk through it (for myself or with others) the more in awe I am of it's power, influence and magnitude in how it affects our lives. When I think of how it shows up for individuals when there has been a di…

By the light of the microwave . . .

Given the construct of where we live and the furniture placement, we cannot close the bedroom door for privacy or silence. Therefore, at o'dark thirty when I up getting ready to go to Curves, I navigate my kitchen needs by the light from within in the microwave so that I do not disturb Don.

There was an old Warner Brothers cartoon that I enjoyed where one of the silly animated characters had been hiding in the refrigerator ( as I recall, it may have even been Daffy Duck) and when he comes out he declares, "Whatdya know? The little light--it stays on!" I have often used that little light to access the infrequent glass of cold water during the night, or to grab a quick something without turning on the overhead light. But I have to say the light in this microwave outshines our fridge.

Has anyone else ever noticed that whenever you wash and dry sweat pants orshorts, the pockets always come out and look likeDumbo's little floppy ears ? Does anyone else want to be brave enou…


Yesterday, we had a light rain at night and by noon, we had blue skies and perfect Simpsons clouds. The rain is back tonight. And tonight on the T.V. show, "Jeopardy", the city of San Diego was one of the categories. I got all the answers right!

I seem to be in an observant, contemplative mode today.

Walking back from our breakfast today, Don was about to cross the street in the middle of the block and I cautioned him to not "jaywalk." Jaywalk? It seemed an odd word to me that I could not trace back etymologically. The dictionary said that the 'jay' part of the word referred to a silly person in the early 20th century. Hmm. Guess it is silly to walk across the street without the benefit of the traffic signal.

Oh, and as for the freckles... this morning when I woke up I remembered that I used to have bunches of freckles as a young girl. In fact, one of my first head shot photo sessions for my commercial composite, the photographer had to touch-up and r…

Buzzword Bingo

So, I sit here watching the AFL game rooting for our San Diego Chargers.
(I will pause long enough to let you catch your breath that A). I am in the same room while a televised football game is on; B).I am actually cheering for an NFL team).

So, one of the cool things about sports shows--especially for important games--are the really cool commercials that advertisers pay beaucoup bucks to air.

Of course, one of my favorite sets of commercials are the PC vs. Mac series with those two lovable actors and the witty dialogue. My other favorites are of course, anything to do with animals. A couple of cute ones today even though it included the tie-ins to drinking beer. And the Geico insurance spots using celebs in the background while a real customer tells their story, usually brings a chuckle.

Today, the series of IBM commercials are what caught my attention. I commend IBM for tackling head-on the inside humor of corporate world vs. real world. One commercial has a group of workers o…