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Casting my antique pearls. . .

February the first. Wear Red Day in honor of the American Heart Association's support of women's heart health. I wore red and I support healthy hearts in every way I can.

Still slogging through the sorts-less week. Feeling better both physically and otherwise. I am making very concerted efforts to do the things before me to do; maintain my spiritual practice; advance my creative ideas and projects; and stretch into the realm of what's in store.

To that end, I submitted my resume to a bunch of civilian companies to check out work possibilities. (Those of us from the "Dobie Gillis" generation are required to read the word, 'work' in a high-pitched squeaky voice reminiscent of Maynard G. Krebs. Not to be confused with a later Gilligan for the rest of you). Let me qualify my use of the word, 'civilian'--for me that means a line of work that has nothing to do with my usual jobs in show business or in the God-business.

The last year with all the chan…