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The times, they are a changin'...

In my day--doesn't that just make the rocking chair squeak-- the word 'dope' either referred to a person who was not the sharpest card in the deck; or it was a slang word for illegal drugs and the person who used them: dope.
Oh, not so today.
Dope is a compliment.
You're dope if you knew that already.

A few weeks ago, while working at Curves, I was surfing the web for a yoga and pilates site for a member and came across a local establishment run by a beautiful woman. I was baffled and a wee bit put off by her email address which was "dope@_____". Fortunately, for me, the club member educated me immediately before I went on to make a fool of myself. And then Jon Stewart from "The Daily Show" used it last night in a commentary about Super Tuesday. Had I not known the new useage, I would have thought Mr. Stewart quite the dope for such an odd reference.

Much like when the word 'bomb' was used as an adjective t…

Setting sail

The current rainstorm here in San Diego is so elegant. The rain calling forth more green to our land and the winds swirling and cascading into the very crevices of our souls.

No wonder the 1 1 1 or 11:11 is heralding the transformation and transitions that are taking place. This is a time of great change. Cosmically, personally, professionally and spiritually. It is no coincidence that it is all taking place at the time of a major election (no matter what your political stance and preference may be--it is still time for a major change).

This change feels like a giant ship being carefully turned in a new direction. You can't take an ocean liner and whip it around on a dime. No more than you could embark on a new course for humanity in a blink of an eye. And given what I know to be the human inclination to resist change at all costs, it makes sense that it takes a bit of maneuvering and shifting (and grunting and groaning) to get our Life ship chartered into new waters for ever…