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Return to the Source within....

No, this is not going to be a metaphysical treatise to remind you of the value of prayer and meditation; or on the Oneness of all Life. This column was inspired by the advertising graphics hugely adorning the Dasani vending machine at Fashion Valley.

After leaving my personal One on One coaching session at Apple Computer, I was thirsty and wanted something cold to drink before my next errand. I knew there were two vending machines at the mall and that I could get something healthy and resist my inner nudging to go to Starbucks. I have purchased water from these machines before but I admit, I had never noticed the cosmetic casing. This time, the slogan was so large and looming, I could not have missed it. Ah. What was I to learn from this reminder? Shucks, nothin' I didn't already know-- pack a water bottle when leaving the house.

And speaking of all things Apple (Mac)... in addition to being a major MacEvangelista I am also a big fan of the creative and witty PC vs. Mac ad …

Feb. 2008 Musings

For those of you who don't read my regular column, Musings that is published in the Adams Avenue Herald, here is this month's issue (in honor of Valentine's Day):

MUSINGS—Adams Avenue Herald
Feb. 2008

“All you need is L O V E …”

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”
Robert Frost

Most of the focus for the month of February falls upon St. Valentine’s holiday and how much the commercial market can influence our experience. I recall the first week after Christmas; the stores were already loading up on the Valentine’s candies and cards and stuffed what-nots to get a jump on the early consumer.

Perhaps you would like to join me in taking a fresh view on this holiday and find a new way to experience the Day of Love.

Most of the time, I would welcome the chance to celebrate an officially sanctioned day recognizing the omnipotent elixir of the Gods, Love. Yet, this holiday, all the way back to my childhood, has been fraught with hidden agendas.

I recall Charlie Brow…

We, the jury . . .

...well, in this case, I the jury.
Reporting for duty, ma'am.
8:00 a.m. today at the El Cajon Courthouse.

I am such a good little all-American girl. I sat rapt listening to the shpiel both the Jury Services Manager and the visiting judge. I practically shot upright to give a pledge of allegiance as I saw the flag behind them. I love hearing ..."of the people, by the people, for the people." Sometimes, I wish they would make our government officials recite that as a mantra.

Oh, and they say justice is blind? Wellllll, that may explain why the Lady Justice statue I saw today was unable to notice that her dress was had fallen below her right breast...

May I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Judge Ronald George who transformed the California Jury system to one that is oh so civilized and efficient. How it works now is that each citizen gets called to jury duty and when John or Jane Q.Public arrives, he/she fills out the forms, watches the requisite video introduction and ...…


Last night, Don and I watched the special edition DVD of my new favorite movie, "Hairspray". Since I have seen the movie five times, we chose to view the special features and listen to the commentaries. With the new cinematic and digital technology, the producers and creative team were able to put together really fascinating and enjoyable segments about the making of a Hollywood musical. Using a bit of Brian DiPalma split screen viewing, we were able to watch the dance numbers being choreographed, rehearsed and then filmed. There were interviews with both cast and crew members that were significant to the final product; as well as the history of "Hairspray" with John Waters. I was especially delighted that the DVD also included a brief interview segment which highlighted the incredible production design that was created for the film by a dear friend with whom I went to high school (we worked together in Moody's drama department)! (I don't wish to drop …