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Did you know that "looney tunes" is in the dictionary now? In addition to being my favorite sets of cartoons; it refers to the adjective describing the wacky state of things. 'Looney', of course, has to do with the Latin "lunar" for moon which often refers to cycles of emotional states based on the pull of the moon on the ocean.

We had a lunar eclipse at 6:01 p.m PST. I was unable to see it at the outset but about a 1/2 hour into it, I was able to watch the clouds cover over the full moon. Awesome.
It might also give rise to why my emotions were so overt today.

An Eric Clapton song playing in Starbucks and a gentle inquiry allowed me to tap into some further spills of grief. I thought it was complete until later in the day, something else triggered me and dammit, I just flat out miss my mom and that has colored so many other things.

It was the harsh realization that there is no one else left in my blood family that was present at my birth or my graduation or…


Doo Dah.

The past several days has only continued to give face to the serendipity and synchronicity of whatever cosmosity and psychism that is a foot.

For example, today, as I was leaving at 6:30 a.m. to walk to work at Curves, I stopped at the door and engaged in a mental conversation as to whether or not to take my house keys. My rational mind told me that there was no need as Don would still be home when I got off work. Then the inner voice tried to dissuade me and encourage me to take the keys. The mental dialogue continued as I tried to explain that I don't like taking the full set of keys to work because they often fall out of my pocket when I workout. ( Take them anyway.) I picked them up and then put them down again. (What is the big deal? Just take the keys!) No,I think I am consciously going to leave them here and then pay attention to what if anything shows up about the keys to see if there is something to this mental machination exercise.

Yep. Even that was prescien…