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Rapture !!!

I'm all agog and don't even know where to begin...

You see that little photo box to the left of this post? Well, in case you cannot; or if this blog somehow has an afterlife and the photo does not transfer with it, the photo is of an open dictionary. Ahhhhhhhhh. I lovingly refer to it as "My Big Book" because it has always been my source of knowledge, comfort and joy.

Most people who know me--especially those who heard any of my sermons or read my writings -- know that I am a huge word lover and I particularly enjoy allowing my muse to create new words as the inspiration strikes. And Richard Lederer is one of my heroes.

Today, in a very non-descript e-mail, a friend who reads my blog and knew that a few posts back, I had asked people to share their made-up words with me, wrote to tell me that Oprah has a similar passion and that her words shlumpdinka in posted on the Merriam-Webster dictionary site. (Interesting to realize that I share with Ms. Winfrey more than just a…

News notes 2-26-08

As the University of Illinois prepares to play it's first basketball game since the former graduate student in DeKalb last week wreaked havoc and took six lives, I pause to ponder a brief news blurb that mentioned the incident. What struck me and riled me was the last sentence that stated that the young man, who shot, killed and wounded those people on campus, ordered his artillery from the same online dealer that sold an assault weapon to the Virginia Tech shooter last year.

Hellllo? Is someone not paying attention? Is the government too busy demanding warrantless domestic phone records to care?

My prayers to the families,the students and the university staff that has to cope and re-build.

On another note, in yesterday's New York Times there was an article about Senator Obama's safety on the campaign trail (and on into office if that is what happens). The article referred to this as a "closeted" concern because no one wants to mention, let alone think about the p…

Across the Universe

"Across the Universe"in addition to being one of my new favorite films, is how I felt tonight watching the 80th Annual Academy Awards. I feel so far removed from Hollywood that I watched the show with a great deal of detachment.

Having seen only a small percentage of most of the films nominated, I was having to use my instinct to guess at the winners. It felt to me that most of the nods went to films or people who really merited the award versus a trend from years gone by where the Academy often gave the award to someone as a courtesy for their body of work, rather than for the film for which they were nominated. Tonight, Oscar could have gone to Ruby Dee and Hal Holbrook --both seasoned and talented actors-- for the fact that they have not earned the award before and their careers might be coming to a close.

Subjectively, I don't understand why "Hairspray" didn't garner some nominations-at least, for Production Designer. And the incredible film, "Acr…