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There is a free lunch after all..

My predilection for humanitarian opportunities of service has melted into my lexicographical heart and converged and merged into an amazing site of goodwill in cyberspace.

Many people know that I have written about and encouraged people to visit:
Not only because it is for a good cause (and paws) that I support; but because there are five other similar types of link right there at your fingertips that support other noble causes such as Literacy Site and the Hunger site,etc.

However, today, I have found the quintessential place to creatively express my altruistic penchant:

On this site, you are given a word and four options to select it's meaning. For every word that you guess correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end hunger. You can play up to 55 levels of difficulty and it will increase or decrease the level depending on how many words you get right in a row. So far, I have gone up to level 44.

Now 20 grai…

Off the wall...

Finally getting on the other side of a week-long bout with one them thar virus thangs that has been plaguing the population of late. And as is my wont, the 'bug' usually shows up as fevers and chest congestion, leaving me sounding like Brenda Vaccaro on a bad day. And that made me wonder about Ms. Vaccaro: Would anyone in today's generation -- other than serious film buffs -- even know to whom I am referring? Whatever happened to that husky voiced actress? And what did she sound like when she had a bronchial ailment? Tallulah Bankhead?

This ponderation led me to Google Ms. Vaccaro and I was intrigued by her biographical listings. A few sites listed her as a restaurateur from Dallas who moved to N.Y. and made it big on Broadway that led to her T.V. roles and Oscar nominated films. Wikkipedia even listed her as deceased at age 93 but didn't say what year that happened. A different Google listing that caught my eye was her listing in the Museum of Menstruation and Wome…