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A spring in my step...

This is quite the week, wouldn't you agree?

We began with the wearing o' the green--which is a wise and healthy approach even for those who are non-Irish. After all, green is the color of nature, the color of money and the color representing the heart chakra. If one can look beyond the drunken, aberrant behavior that usually coincides with the onset of green apparel on one specific day and instead focus on the idea of a gazillion people simultaneously wearing the healing color of the heart chakra, it takes on a whole new level of merit.

Today, being the first day of Spring and with a full moon out tonight the size of the Astrodome, we have before us a powerful holy week culminating in the Christian celebration of Easter. Oh yeah, and throw in Spring Break where people are getting drunk usually without wearing green...or anything else for that matter.

I could tell spring was coming because of the urge I had to clean and organize and release 'stuff'. It feels so therape…