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Serendipity smiled...

It was a hot week in more ways than just the recent heat wave.

This week, I had to stretch myself and receive a round of goodies and blessings. It began with receiving a gift from a friend that I had ooohed and ahhhed about when we were out shopping together. It was so sweet of her to purchase it on the sly and then hand to me later when we were about to part. The gift afforded me a chance to witness my response at receiving and the "dance" I did within myself about it when I brought it home. It allowed me to witness some very old patterns crop up when I noticed that I was reluctant to take the gift out of the box and actually own or use it. Hmmmmm.

Then there was the launch of the new Starbucks blend, Pikes Peak, created in honor of the name of their original store location. On Tuesday, between 9:00 a.m. and noon, Starbucks gave away a free eight ounce cup of the new brew. It goes without saying that I was at the store at 9:01 a.m. The company has also reissued it'…

God Biz

There is usually method to my proverbial madness.

Years ago, I was inspired to purchase my personalized California license plates, GOD BIZ. My good friend Carrie (who presciently had purchased her plates DOT COM) thought the license reflected a perfect blend to honor the two facets of my life and work: Having come from the Land of Show Biz; and to work and serve as a full time minister, I was now doing God's business. Hence, GOD BIZ. I do feel I have a unique perspective for two very predominant influences in our world society and culture.

This weekend, the new metaphysical film, "The Moses Code" opened (a theatrical term, by the way) showing in churches, centers and peoples homes around the country and maybe the world. This film written and directed by James Twyman, produced by Drew Heriot from "The Secret" and co-produced by author, Debbie Ford, is picking up where the film, "The Secret" left off.

The message of the movie is not particularly new …