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22 ???

Yes, 22 innings. More than a double-header all in one.
The game began at 7:05 p.m. PT Thursday ended at 1:21 a.m. Friday. It was the longest game in the Majors since Aug. 31, 1993, when the Twins beat the Indians, 5-4, in 23 innings at Minnesota.
And Don and I stayed up to watch it.
(Okay, I did fall asleep somewhere during the 20th inning but I roused myself back up to see Rockies pull it out).
I don't doubt there are many San Diegans looking for a nap today.
Ah well, that's the devotion baseball.

The commentators were amusing and punchy (so were we). I got to see several airings of a new version of the popular Dos Equis commercial with "the most interesting man in the world . . .that his beard is listed on his organ donors card." Wry humour well done.

Oh and speaking of 22 and baseball, my fave, Ken Griffey, Jr. is only four home runs away from hitting 600. Yesterday, he hit 596 as a three-run home run for the Reds. In a video interview with Harold Reynolds, Junior s…

Stimulating & Taxing all at once

Americans are celebrating or breathing a sigh of relief that tax day is come and gone. Yes, some folks have filed for an extension on submitting their tax papers, yet the negative race consciousness swirls around this date of April 15th.

This year, we have a unique opportunity from our current government administration referred to a stimulus payment. Ranging from $300 for low-income individuals to $600 per person ($1200 for married couples) the government is 'giving' us that money in an attempt to stimulate spending and invigorate the economy. Interesting.

From the conversations I hear and the pulse that I take, people are in a bit of a fear mode about the economy and finances. One hears the word "recession" being bandied about in the news and water cooler chats. (With the popularity of bottled water, do companies still have water coolers? Do people still circle the wagons to dish the dirt around the area where the water cooler once occupied?) Most of the people I …