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You better watch out . . .

Or pout. In addition to the fact that it is only eight months till Christmas, (rumor has it that yesterday, Santa was seen on 33rd street just North of the Post Office in Normal Heights)you now have even more reason to mind your P's and Q's.

Under the category of "What Will They Think of Next..." comes the opportunity to reserve your spot in heaven; and/or reserve a spot in hell, or send somebody to hell. No, really.

Both 100% guaranteed. Group discounts are accepted.
Interesting fodder for a non-denominational minister to ponder.

There are the basic $its ranging from $12.79 to $15.95. (I am already suspicious of the $12.79 kit. Why not 412.95 or $13.00?? Or $15.79 instead?) The creators from Tacoma, Washington are not claiming any affiliation with any particular religious organization. Which is perhaps a good thing because they might be excommunicated or banished because they weren't tithing 10% of their profi…

Every day IS earth day

Over the years having had my blood drawn for various medical reasons, I have seen for myself that it is the color red. Yet, given my heritage and my proclivities, I would have bet that the life fluid I contain would be the color green.

Yes, green.
The color of my Irish ancestry; the color of Starbucks' awnings; the color of money; the primary color of trees; and the color of the heart chakra which embraces all that I have listed.

Nowadays, green has become the colour nouveau because it is equated with being ecologically responsible. I am that, too--add that to my list above. And happily, at least one day a year, the nation turns green (the river in Chicago on March 17th does not apply to this reference) in it's intention and attention.

Fortunately, most people know and apply some of the basics of reuse/recycle/reduce so that we are taking care of the planet in a more mindful manner. The current price of gasoline is imposing a moratorium on excessive driving that was not part o…

Rejoice evermore!

Thanks to the generosity at Kasa Kurko, Don and I were able to view the entire HBO Series, "John Adams" which completed last night.

Wow. I have always held a huge fascination and kinship with the history of our country and with the Founding Fathers (and Mothers). I have taught that I felt Adams, Jefferson and Franklin were our early American mystics and visionaries. In my book, Abigail Adams was our first suffragette and feminist; equal to her male counterparts, if not, superior to many.

When David McCullogh's book first came out, I resisted buying the hefty tome as I knew realistically, I would likely not make my way through it. Besides, I am already a "fan" would there be that much more to learn? Indeed there was and is.

Production values for this mini-series were high. Laura Linney is wonderful. Sarah Polley does a very nice turn as daughter Abigail (does anyone remember Sarah from the "Ramona" series? Not to mention, she is not only all grown up…