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Compassion is a spiritual imperative

While in elementary school, did anyone else have to dance around a decorated Maypole on or about May 1st? As a child, I thought it kinda goofy and did not realize at the time that it was a rather pagan ritual being conducted on the asphalt playgrounds around America.

Compassion has certainly always had a spiritual quality to it but until recently, I don't know if I ever thought of it as an imperative. And yet, I have taught that it is imperative that we strive to practice compassion with one another. Hmm.

Headlines and news often call for us to offer or move to a place of compassion.
The fact that the war is still going strong qualifies as more practice. And more recently, the brouhaha with Rev. Wright is enough to send us all spinning -- no matter what our political party or race.

Can we as a nation stop giving Rev. Wright a public platform for his manipulative and cruel attempt to gain notoriety and celebrity? I shall not even begin to second guess as to why Rev. Wright is ch…