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Proud to be a Californian

A long day that started early.
Happily, I started it with my walk in the 'hood. Got to meet some new dogs and that is always a treat. Walked to the mountaintop to do my prayer work this morning and I was taken aback by the fact that the property which is an open space, is now being excavated, steam rolled and has yellow caution tape around the rim so that no one slides down the mountain.

Damn. I know that it means someone has purchased the vacant land and is going about building a house which would normally be progress but it also means that the open view of Qualcomm and Ikea my fellow residents and I have, will soon be gone. I adjusted to the house that was built next door because it still left a huge open viewing area where I could stand and pray. Yet, soon the land will be filled with construction equipment and a structure. There are also other changes, transitions going on in the hood. Deaths. Births. People moving. Damn.

Also in the hood, I picked up my neighbor, Rev. Ke…

Mother's Day 2008

There was no getting around the fact that yesterday was Mother's Day. All week long, everywhere I looked or everywhere I would go, I was reminded of this special holiday. The first Mother's Day without my mom.

More than just the holiday being a void is the fact that it was one year ago on Mother's Day that mom was rushed to the hospital and became the beginning of the end. Don and I dashed up to L.A. to see her and when the bigger picture became clear.

"Though Mother’s Day is a "Hallmark holiday," it still is powerful. No matter how old you are, losing a parent is a regressive experience that makes people feel young, childlike and vulnerable." Dr. Gail Salz, Today contributor - May 7th

As Spirit would have it, there is an added element of bittersweet irony today.

My next door neighbor notified me that our other neighbor, Mrs. Kelly had passed away last week. Turns out that her daughter was looking for a non-denominational minister to perform …