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And the winner is....

They/we got it right!
David Cook is the new American Idol---and all is right with the world.

Last night, we had the pleasure of viewing the amazing finale over at Kasa Kurko's where we could see it in HDTV in all it's glitz and glory. The show was more than a Las Vegas extravaganza with all the celebrity musicians and musical numbers. When it got to the very end and Ryan was ready to announce the winner, we, too were eager, excited and holding our breath. We held our breath because John realized he had set the DVR to record it for only two hours and he was convinced that it would cut out before we knew the winner. Indeed, that self-fulfilling prophecy played out to Hollywood cinematic standards. "And the winner is . . ." And the transmission ended. Right there. It was classic timing yet I don't doubt the collective wail that we let out was heard all the way to the space station.

We quickly ran down to John's computer to go online and learn the winning resu…

David will win Idol - guaranteed!

I voted for him.
(Couldn't resist.)

Yes, now you know that I have been hooked on American Idol even since Kat McPhee was competiting and I actually watched, and even vigorously voted. From the outset of this season, I agreed with my friend, John Kurko and the judges, that it would come down to Duelling Davids. And we were not disappointed.

An avid fan of Dancing With The Stars since season one, I have been very impressed and very devoted. Where else do you get Marie Osmond faint on live TV and watch Marlee Matlin dance like the music didn't matter. And although not my favorite, Priscilla Presley accomplished the splits that belied her age. Mario came along way from his cockiness. I was very proud of Marissa taking it as far as she did and winning over not only the judges but her partner, Tony who had been appreciably impatient and judgmental of her in their opening dances. Her increased level of confidence was demonstrable.

On both shows, you could see who knew they were not…