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Not sure if I will be able to be make a construct of the disparate thoughts and feelings I want to share tonight.

Rainy day, yes. I love days like this. So contemplative and energizing. Nothing matches that first sprinkle that turns on the negative ions and you can smell it--literally--in the air. It is such a unique fragrance and happens so infrequently in Southern California. I find it stimulating and comforting all at the same time.

Of course, what the rain seems to do to Southern California traffic never ceases to amaze me either. I have lived in Southern California for over 40 years and people still drive as if they have never seen water fall from the sky. Go figure.

The traffic jams tonight were in part due to all the professional sports games being played here. Although, I cannot attribute the stalled Homeland Security Department of Immigration bus off the 805/8 freeway intersection heading North to the soccer game or the U.S. Open. Hmmm, maybe it was because the U.S. is …

Bee Beetle Beatle, Baby!

Here it is the first of June, on a perfectly glorious day in San Diego (ignoring the fact of the ignominious Padres loss today).

It has been a golden weekend.

The Spelling Bee so inspired me.

Ironically, because of a spelling incident, our dear friend Sunshine, treated us to brunch at the Antique Row Cafe. I finally indulged in my desire of having only their home fries as my meal. I usually order an omlette and it comes with their special potatoes which to me, is the dessert of the meal. So instead of wasting calories or tummy space, I had just the potatoes and was a very happy, Irish camper.

Then Don and I went on a Sunday jaunt riding around in Daisy, our yellow convertible VW Beetle--with the top down today-- listening to my new favorite radio station, The Walrus, playing their Sunday morning program, Breakfast with The Beatles. Whoa. It was almost (please note, I wrote almost...) too good to be true as we pulled into Starbucks.
(nb: Despite childhood patterns to the contrary, tha…