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Yes, we are having a full moon but I am actually referring to the fact that last night while at the Padres game at Petco Park, some guy at the Omni Hotel opposite us, decided to moon the patrons leaving the game.

I never saw anyone actually moon anyone for real. Guess I thought mooning was merely a cinema contrivance for mindless movies or something a person would do while under the influence and in a small, private group. I cannot actually attest as to whether or not this guy was under any other influence than his own egoic fragrance, but he actually did drop trow and shine up against the window of a rather ultra-elite hotel in downtown San Diego.

This behavior called forth from me a Maragret Meadesque curiosity to understand the act of mooning. My postulation allowed for a lively conversation in the car on the way home about why people feel drawn to exhibiting their personal full moon. Wikipedia did have some background information based on the British slang that 'moon' was…

Become legendary...

Nothing but net.
Expect great.
These were phrases used during the game programming.

Congratulations Boston Celtics on Banner #17.
I watched the last two quarters and actually was able to follow the game better than I have in the past and really marvelled at the defensive skill and artistry the Celtics displayed. They earned this championship and I loved watching the teamwork and chemistry in action.

Also legendary and great in my book is Ernest Holmes. Today, I had the privilege and pleasure of volunteering in the newly created Science of Mind Library and Archives Foundation in its new home at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas.

For the past two weeks, Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo has been supervising the move of all the books and archival material into the new location. Having worked with Rev. Marilyn many times up in the Burbank office and long before that, working with her on a class about Dr. Holmes, she called me to ask if I could lend a hand. I only regret that I was out…