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7/11 to most folks represents the neighborhood convenience store.
For me, it also represents my mother's birthday. Today, she would have been 78.
Even if I wouldn't have already known that, the usually helpful internet birthday alarm reminders made sure I didn't forget.

It was a good reminder to edit some of those birthday alarm reminders anyway.
I just didn't expect it so hard to hit the 'delete' key next my mom's name.

It's been almost a year now. Frankly, I am doing rather well with the whole thing yet I could sense some griefy kinda denial thing going on as her birthday got closer. My dreams this week have been different, and Mom was even in one of the dreams. I was feeling restless and unsettled as it had become time to deal with her ashes. I felt drawn to do something with the ashes for Mom's birthday rather than on the anniversary of her death. It only just dawned on me that intrinsically it felt better to honor her on her birthday rather t…

My $.02

They tell me this weekend was the Fourth of July celebration weekend. Even with the sound of fireworks every evening, I did not feel very patriotic even in my red, white and blue adornments.

Why might that be?

Much to my chagrin, stores and businesses were open all as usual. Of course, there were all the requisite blow-out sales to spend your stimulus check from Uncle Sam. But I was naive enough to think that maybe the stores would be closed to allow people a chance to spend the holiday--not spend their money.

Nor could I find one viewing on the airwaves of either "1776" or "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
If only we had HBO we could have watched the re-airing the "John Adams" series (which I highly recommend any time of the year).

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I have deep admiration and respect for the American mystics known as our Founding Fathers (and Mothers -- thank you Abigail Adams) and wish everyone else could share that feeling. And since f…