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Fast forward

impact: striking of one against another; forceful contact, collision; influence; the force exerted by a new idea, concept or ideology.

Some times people and things in life have more of an impact than we realize.
I learned that the hard way this past week when I was up in Chico looking for a house to rent.

Someone from the church was kindly driving me around rental neighborhoods, and regrettably, she ran her car into the truck in front of us at a stop sign. Blessedly and gratefully, we both walked away from the accident in one piece (cannot say the same for her Volvo which bore the brunt for us). This was a literal impact of the physical kind and I also used it as a tool to investigate where else in my life I was experiencing something so attention-getting.

What is that you say? Moving to a new city hundreds of miles away and taking on a job as as the new pastor at a church might be impactful in and of itself???
Aw c'mon-- been there, done that.

When I shared my 'story' with a…