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His eye is on the sparrow...

On the homestretch for getting packed and moved. There are still tons of things to be packed (no where to put them) and then loading and leaving.

But I got up earlier today so that I could take a farewell walk in the 'hood and catch Dan to say goodbye. His sprinkler was on but he was nowhere in sight, so I headed up to the mountaintop to do my prayer work. The parcel of land that has been vacant (for me to use as my sacred prayer space) has now completed construction on one house and is excavating in preparation for another. Guess it's a perfect time to move because my view of the valley below is becoming obstructed.

Heading back towards Dan's, I happened to look down as I was walking.
I thought I noticed something unusual on the ground and almost in mid-step,
I stopped and turned around.
I looked down and there was a little bird splayed on the sidewalk.
I felt a wave of sadness but then stopped again to peer down. There was no sign of violence other than the impact t…

That Was the Week That Was

..and we've only just begun.
So to move us beyond television and song titles, I will just plunge right in on sharing some of the high(?)lights of this past week.

Burfday: Since I had already had my MamaMiaMeltdowns in advance, I was able to welcome my birthday with open and eager arms. I refrained from doing work and even my errands were elevated in joy. (I gave more thorough details in the previous post).

In-between day: It felt as if task gods held everything in limbo to respect my birthday play day but then opened the floodgates the next day to offset anything I missed.

Mom's anniversary date: One year since she died. Still have trouble grokking that--a year? How is that possible? Enough little things have transpired to convince me that she is gone from this plane and yet...

Moving madness: Back on track to getting things handled towards the move next week. Making calls to set up utilities and cable service in Chico. (By the way, we won't have internet till Wed. Augu…