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A moving experience...

In my line of work, wholeness usually refers to a state of being spiritually and physically. This week, my wholeness abounds because of our having successfully moved to Chico last weekend; AND finally being back online. Similar to Sweeney Todd when he was reunited with his beloved barber's tools (although nothing gruesome) I feel complete when I have my Mac in hand (or lap as the case maybe).
It's been over a week since my last post and SO much has transpired. I will endeavour to bring y'all up to speed with our relocation move from San Diego to Chico.
Before the Move: Moving is hard enough but add to it the idea of relocating almost 600 miles to a new city and a new church which just happens to be one's new job... and it can be fraught with some major emotions. Don and I were sorely behind in getting everything handled and packed in time for the moving truck on Friday, August 15th.
We are blessed with really good friends who showed up under the wire to help us get m…