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Now Is The Time...

Being unconventional by nature, I am choosing to follow form along with a gazillion other bloggers and turn my attention to this week's Democratic National Convention. After all, rarely do we get to witness or contribute to history.

For some, my waxing politically might confuse or offend readers. Therefore, let me take a brief disclaimer moment to remind folks that this blog is really quite personal. I say that because it is not my intention to draw party lines or sway anyone's vote. What party someone chooses to follow and how one votes is very much a personal endeavour. Yet, the very nature of a weblog is to give the writer an opportunity to present his or her views, feelings, ideas and emotions. I would not be who I am as a writer, teacher or citizen if I censored that process for myself.

Thursday had already been pretty awesome ( the triple digit temperature over which I prevailed notwithstanding). Had a lovely lunch getting to know one of my staff ministers and si…

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits

It is the day after my annual Appreciation Day and the opening of the Democratic National Convention. It's a big week.

Don and I are continuing to unpack and settle in our house. The temperature has started to rise again and Chico State resumed classes yesterday, too. This makes the town a lot busier and maybe that is why the temperature is higher, too.

Whenever we go out for errands, we allow ourselves time to drive around to help acclimate to the city. Today, we had some specific errands for which we copied down addresses but still followed the flow of the day. Stopping for for lunch, I went in to Jamba Juice and Don went next door to check something out. Instead of finding his needs, we ended up answering the needs of a woman working there. An employee there named Faith, turns out to be moving to Mission Viejo to be with her grandchildren, and she was in need of boxes. Which if you know me well-enough by now, was what we had in the back of HenryHonda for our daily trip to …