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Shea Goodbye

Goodbye Shea Stadium.
Goodbye Yankee Stadium.
Goodbye Paul Newman.

The details and distractions of last week might help to ameliorate some of the bummerosity that yesterday was the last day of the regular baseball season and that it was also the last game at Shea Stadium for the Mets regular play. (You needn't ask--the Mets blew their post-season chances and the game. ) On a cool coinky-dinky note, one of the on-the-field umpires working today is the son of an umpire who was at Shea for the first game played there (which the Mets lost to the Pirates) and now the son of the ump was there for the last game to be played at Shea keeping the tradition of losing.

While on a note of sadness, a moment of reflection about Paul Newman who died on September 27th. My respect and fondness came for him not only for his acting skills and talent but moreso for his creative verve for life and his magnanimous humanitarian efforts and presence. My condolences and prayer go out to his family, friends a…