16 October, 2008

My favorite month

I'm baaack.

It has been several weeks where I can say that I feel like I am back in my body. Too much time has been spent feeling lousy or plain awful thanks to variations on an upper respiratory/allergy theme. The weather here is improving and the dust is diminishing and my immunity is growing. Whew.

Some of the positive shifts may or may not have had anything to do with Mercury going direct but I can certainly feel a difference. I felt anything but bossy on Thursday even though it was national Boss Day. Instead, I felt productive as I got more things in order tasks accomplished and papers filed at the office.

Friday was a unique day to say the least. It was a combination of the Chico Mystique in action along with a splash of "blast from the past."

About four years ago, a very dear and longtime friend tracked me down via the internet. Roger and his best friend, Michael and I met at an audition for a theatre company back in 1975. We became fast friends as we worked together building a new Equity waiver theatre company in West Hollywood. We shared highs and lows of being young and enthusiastic young actors trying to make it big in L.A. Roger and I even tried to date but we were always meant to be buddies. Six years later, these two guys introduced me to my wasband and the four of us (and often a few other buds) became very close for a few years. Then as can happen, we had a falling out and even though fences were ultinately mended, we lost touch for many years.

Fast forward over 20 years and I am sending Roger a birthday e-mail and letting him know that I got a new gig in Chico and had moved. He responds with an . . ."you're not going to believe this but..." and proceeds to tell me that out of the blue, he not only heard from one of our former theatre company cronies but that he and his partner, Joe were coming to Chico in October to stay with his nephew he hasn't seen in five years!!! Roger has a nephew in Chico??!!?
You kidding me???? Is this for real?

Wow. I have not seen Roger since about 1985. Since then he has been married, become a father, moved to N.Y. and Denver and works in finance instead of film. I moved out of movies into ministry, divorced his buddy and moved into full-time ministry, become a newlywed who moved to Chico, California.

I had emailed him that we would pick them up and arrange to meet for whatever time they had open. Friday morning, Roger calls to say they are in town and we could meet for brunch. I ask where does his nephew live and he proceeds to describe being near a high school and Long's Drugs. I start to laugh. Well, I know that nothing is too far away in Chico, however, where they were staying is less than two miles from our house and on the way to the church! We then spent the next three hours getting caught up on years passed between us and letting Don and Joe catch up with us.

Although I admit to having some nerves about seeing Roger-- I wanted to look like the person he knew from the late 80's. Would he recognize me? Would we still feel the same?--every concern melted within seconds of seeing him. I could not get out of the car fast enough, or squeeze him hard enough. We both cried and then hugged again while Don and Joe introduced themselves to each other. Roger and I stopped hugging and I went to meet Joe, Roger to meet Don and then we ran back to hug each other again. Time melted away the years, the pounds, the wrinkles and any doubts.

Being the only child of a fractured family, I don't have the relatives and family members most people have. Yet, I do have significant members of my chosen family and Roger definitely fits in that role call. I always missed having a big, traditional family but have always cherished the family that I have created and drawn into my life.

Today, as Don and I were out to take our walk. We saw a woman pull into the driveway of the home where we know the Big Liebowski and his wife live. For a brief moment, I wanted to stop and ask her what is the name of her wonderful cat but I stopped myself. I didn't really want to know him as anything other than Mr. Liebowski anyway.

It's 10:10 as I look up at the clock. Time to return to working on my talk for tomorrow's Sunday service. The baseball game is over--yay Boston. And that means one more play ACLS game tomorrow night before the World Series gets under way. I love October.

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