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My favorite month

I'm baaack.

It has been several weeks where I can say that I feel like I am back in my body. Too much time has been spent feeling lousy or plain awful thanks to variations on an upper respiratory/allergy theme. The weather here is improving and the dust is diminishing and my immunity is growing. Whew.

Some of the positive shifts may or may not have had anything to do with Mercury going direct but I can certainly feel a difference. I felt anything but bossy on Thursday even though it was national Boss Day. Instead, I felt productive as I got more things in order tasks accomplished and papers filed at the office.

Friday was a unique day to say the least. It was a combination of the Chico Mystique in action along with a splash of "blast from the past."

About four years ago, a very dear and longtime friend tracked me down via the internet. Roger and his best friend, Michael and I met at an audition for a theatre company back in 1975. We became fast friends as we worked to…