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Amer I Can

This blog post is political in nature.
Two pieces that appeared online today have spurred me into taking a strong, public political stance. If you feel you do not wish to know where my political inclinations lie, then please do not read further. Instead, as you close this window, give a prayer of gratitude for the First Amendment and Godspeed.

Also, please know I respect the right of my congregants, clients, and students to make decisions for themselves as I help them understand the spiritual and mental aspects of their decisions and actions. In any counseling with an individual, I stress the primacy of personal responsibility and mindfulness as achieved through prayer and spiritual practice.

Here goes ... Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge supporter of Apple Computers. I have been an avid MacHead for years and support the products and the company. Today, I am even more proud to be a Apple user. Here's what was posted on their website today:

No on Prop 8

Apple is …


The World Series began tonight. Before the televised game began there was an interesting mini-documentary on the merits of baseball. It was narrated by actor Michael Douglas and the key quotes were read alternately by Senators Obama and McCain--with the closing quote ready simultaneously by both senators. Compelling.

Commentators are calling this game a Wavealution instead of revolution because of the underdog Tampa Bay team qualifiying and their fans 'waving' their team on to victory.

I love baseball but it is a lot less fun when the two teams playing in the Series are two teams for which I have no personal interest. Don is favoring the underdog Rays because this is their first time at bat for the Series. Yah, well I usually endorse the underdogs. too. Yet since I am generally a National League fan anyway and since tonight's Phillies' pitcher was Cole Hamels who hails from Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, I am rooting for the Phillies.

For those who are not …

A new Linus in time for The Great Pumpkin

Tampa Bay pulled it off-- I will give them credit.
Cloris Leachman is still competing on "Dancing with the Stars".
And Caribou Barbie is pulling of a great Sarah Palin.

There was one profile shot of Ms. Leachman tonight that looked so much like my mother, I was startled but appreciated it. I have a photo of Mom when she was wearing make-up and dressed up and looking so pretty. Cloris reminds me of my mother; and my mother would have loved watching this 82 year old trouper strut her stuff.

I need to get back to strutting myself. At least, tonight Don and I got in a quick walk before it got dark. While we were out we saw The Big Liebowski conducting his evening patrol duty. We saw his 'mom' pull up in the car and I wanted to wait and ask her if she could tell us the cats' names. Don and I weren't sure we really wanted to know their real names, but I couldn't ignore this opportunity.

Mrs. Liebowski was on the sidwalk and I bent down to visit with her. Don i…