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Halloween Greetings Chico Style

On this lovely rainy day in Chico, the town is a buzz with Halloween. As I took my evening walk, dusk was coming quickly and the ghosts and ghoulies were multiplying. Twice as many houses in the neighborhood had their porch lights awaiting the costumed guests.

As I walked through the neighborhood, I felt as if I was in a Rob Reiner movie. Either that, or I had been transported back to a time when trick or treating was not only a really cool thing to do, it was safe and welcomed. These kids (for the most part) were in really fun and creative costumes. Not just a store-bought version of the latest movie genre but well thought out and crafted costumes. And so many of the houses had gone to great lengths to decorate their yards in anticipation of this annual tradition. The trees were all autumn-y and the air crisp and cool and damp from the afternoon rain and the sound of little goblins hustling and rustling from door to door made for background music I have not heard as an adult.


Phillies Filly

Congratulations to the 2008 World Series Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies.
Although, I was at a meeting tonight and missed seeing the game in real time, I watched the replay of this historical game and thought it was wonderful. In my opinion, both the Tampa players and the fans are/were too green to have merited winning the Series. The Rays made a great showing and after all, they did make it to The Show...the realllly big Show, but they did not have the stuff it takes to be champions this time. All in all, it was good baseball playing and I shall miss it.

Last night, Don and I were waxing poetically and nostalgically about our childhood and memories of our past. We talked about icons and images we shared. We listed a bunch of references that would out trivia Trivial Pursuit. It was an amazing flashback at our history and I felt like quite the Baby Boomer. Today would have been my grandmother's 109th birthday. Pansy Mae Dale was born in Kansas in 1899. That is an odd fac…