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Thursday morning, my eyes popped open to see the clock show 5:55.
Other than five being my favorite number, I wonder the cosmosity of that configuration.

That night, I dreamt of kittens!
I often have dogs or puppies in my dreams (especially when one is nearing to becoming part of my family) but I have never dreamed of kittens. There were six or seven ( I think one of them was scampering as such to get counted twice) of a very diverse litter. One darling tabby, one orange and white, one Maine Coon, a gray and white and a couple of combos. They were playing and frolicking and having a great time. As my hand reached down along the side of the couch, one kitty clamped onto my fingertips and held on like a butterfly hair clip and wouldn't shake off. Sharp little teeth, too.

It made me happy to awaken to that feeling of playful, young life.

And then today, we needed to take Jezebelle into the cat hospital. A few weeks ago, we took her to a local vet for a check-up and a blood panel. …