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Give For--For Give

Today's post is more of a hodge-podge I guess.

Getting ready for our anniversary tomorrow; gearing up for the holiday week ahead; paid $1.85 a gallon at the Safeway gasoline station today (woo-doubleD-hoo) and then there's the international news that caught my eye:
A Vatican newspaper has forgiven the late English singer John Lennon for saying four decades ago that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.In an article praising The Beatles, L'Osservatore Romano said Lennon had just been showing off. Lennon told a British newspaper in 1966 - at the height of Beatlemania - that he did not know which would die out first, Christianity or rock and roll. The semi-official Vatican newspaper marked the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' "White Album" with an article praising Lennon and the Fab Four from Liverpool. The paper dismissed Lennon's much-criticised remark that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ as a youthful joke. The paper described the remark …

Spinning wheel got to go 'round

My friend Jo, tells me from her research and physicist friend, that the earth's core is slowing down. What does that mean?
If the magnetic core of the earth is spinning less are we enjoying it more? If it is slowing down it would most certainly be altering how we feel and function as planet walkers.

In some ways, I do feel s l o w e r ... but I thought that might have something to do with um, well, maturing and also now being a smaller city where it is not as hustle and bustle as I was used to in either Los Angeles or San Diego. On the other hand, Tevye, it has felt like life has been moving way too quickly and I can barely keep up and my To Do List keeps growing and replicating.

This Sunday, it will be Don and my one year wedding anniversary.
One year? No way. Can't say that I have learned any new domestic skills since the wedding. I'm just now getting the hang of this wifey thing and I like being a newlywed. We are going on our belated honeymoon this weekend and that will …