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Las Vegas and Hugh Hefner

Don and I are back from our one year wedding anniversary-honeymoon combo trip to Las Vegas. Although after our wedding last year, we went to San Juan Capistrano for a brief getaway, being the huge Beatles fans that we are we had always planned that our "honeymoon" would be to see the Cirque du Soleil production of The Beatles' "Love". Much to our chagrin, the only place offering that production happens to be in Las Vegas. As our one year began to near, we booked our flights and reservations to stay at The Mirage.

Last Sunday, was the actual anniversary date and after doing church, we came home to pack before driving to the Sacramento airport for an evening flight to Las Vegas. By the way, the Sacramento airport is one of the nicest little metropolitan airports around. Easy access, cool luggage art and now they have a terrific new narration that plays over the public address system. Instead of the canned and robotic announcements to which most of us have b…