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"Luck, be a Lady(bug) tonight..."

Last month, our local New Age paper, The Lotus Guide was having an Open House and since I was unable to attend, Don went in my stead. While there, he entered a few raffles and submitted my name. As it turned out, I won a free psychic reading at the Karma Boutique here in Chico.

At first, I was kinda reluctant to go. Although, I wanted to visit the Karma Boutique ( I miss the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles) I wasn't sure that as the new Pastor in town, I should be seen there seeing a psychic, if you get my drift. However, I love being a winner and the people I talked to on the phone seemed so nice that I just hadda go.

The Karma Boutique is a wonderful store inside a beautiful house on The Esplanade in Chico. Books, candles, CD's, essential oils, and lots of metahphysical things to delight the senses. While I was waiting, Kristy offered me some tea while I browsed. I sat down to look at a magazine and as I lifted it to read, I noticed there was a sweet little ladybug along fo…

Gymmy crack corn...

Inspired by last week's Black Friday special, and the imminent inclement weather interfering with my walks, I took the plunge and joined a local gym here in Chico.

Originally, I had resisted this particular gym because it reminded me of a Las Vegas casino from the outside. However, the classes and what this gym had to offer was really the best deal in town. And I got up at 6:05 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving in order to try and catch the 50% off membership rates. Although I arrived at 6:50 a.m., the first 10 early-birders had beat me out and I got only 40% but it was a great deal nonetheless. I calculated that if I took yoga classes separately or even joined Curves, it would still be less per month at this gym and had it had more to offer. And if the truth be told, what I really wanted to do was go back to dancing. In order to do that, I rationalized that if I joined a gym, I would build back my stamina and don my Capezios again.

On Saturday I planned to take a gentle yoga class.…