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The Sisters of the Shawl

It is the Solstice eve.
The shortest and darkest night of the year.
A powerful and mystical time heralding the onset of winter.

I am learning a bit more about winter this year living in Northern California. It does get cold here in Chico and our neighboring community of Paradise, has been snowed in. And then I learned tonight, that Las Vegas has snow. What gives? I went and bought winter boots to wear and happily, found my pair of ear muffs I bought a few years ago when I was in Chicago. I wasn't even sure how to put them on to wear but when we took our walk a few nights ago, I was glad I had them. (Cute, white fluffy ear muffs on a headband that make me feel like a ski lodge snow bunny).

Forget the cold weather and early decorations, you know it is the Christmas season when you have heard the umpteenth playing of Burl Ives' "Have A Jolly Holly Christmas" and you find yourself longing for any rendition of "It's A Small World After All ..."

With the prep…